2 July 2008

94 Days Project : Heart Shaped

Third update of my 94 Drawings Project:

3rd June 2008
Silver Hearts
Made with Silver Ink,Watercolours, Felt Tip Markers on
Grease Proof Paper.

Two thirds of the way in
the little book it's getting quite chubby, I love it!
I have used all sorts of mediums: yarn, fabric, sequins,
watercolours, paper, ink and lots and lots of glue!

11th June 2008
"I Love You"
Made with Silver Ink and Watercolours,
heart shaped rubber stamp handmade by
my boyfriend.

28 June 2008
Stripy Heart
Made with Coloured Paper and Glue.
This page is one of my favourites.

I'm off to complete my drawing
for today.

You can see the rest of the drawings here.
Oh! And the unveiling of the

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