25 January 2012

Body And Soul: Ali Cavanaugh

Filtered Through Understanding

You know what? I think I lied about only liking loose and messy drawings. When I saw Ali Cavanaugh painstakingly detailed watercolours on my Tumblr dashboard I was immediately captivated.

Behind Me

Trying to find out more about her and her method, I stumbled on this article from the Artist Daily website that explains things better than I ever could.

Coincidence That Was Once Blurred Is Now Clear

17 January 2012

Big World: Audrey Heller


More little people, personally I can't get enough. These miniature installation never fail to bring a smile to my face.

The Deep

Audrey Heller's photographs are available in limited edition prints and also as a book titled Overlooked Undertakings.



11 January 2012

Going Mobile: Nice With Chips

Mint green


Nice with chips

Letterbox Dublin

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