11 July 2008


I'm sure that all of you have had the experience of opening
your wardrobe stuffed full of clothes and still
not finding anything to wear ... it sure happens to me, it's just that
I get bored of the usual combinations I muster up:
the blue top with that skirt, and always the blue top, I'm in
need to shake things up!
My closet is full and I promised myself I wouldn't buy things
I don't need, so I decided to tackle
and document all my clothes and outfits combinations
and experiment a little!
I found this stripy pink and red top at the
back of the wardrobe, I haven't worn it in such a
long time! I had great fun playing dress up and
here are three different combinations :

Oh La La, So French!

Stripy top with:
Waistcoat: Thrifted
Levis Jeans: Thrifted
Ballet Flats: Pennies

For some reason I felt French in this outfit ...

Rockin and a Rolling!

Stripy Top with:
Short Sleeved Cardi: Thrifted [Oxfam]
Black Skinny Jeans: Pennies

Pink High Heel Shoes: Thrifted

Edit: I forgot to write that I wanted to just wear
the top with the skinny jeans but it turned out a
bit too nippletastic for me to have
the courage to actually go out in it ... so here
comes the little black cardi to preserve my modesty!


Stripy Top with:
Green Skirt: Thrifted
Thights: Top Shop

Green High Heel Shoes: Dunnes

Another good thing is that I finally learnt a thing or two
on photoshop, instead of just
looking at the open files in


  1. Wow, I love combination with vest, but other versions are also really good!

  2. I agree--you really look great in the vest but I love the short sleeved cardi, too.