12 July 2008

Ghostly Encounters

A digital photo montage print featuring Ruby
the small, apple-headed child accompanied by her two raven protectors.

Art&Ghosts as long been on my blog roll and I just
realized that I've never posted about Louise's fabulous illustrations
so I'm going to remedy this oversight right now!

A digitally collaged/illustrated print featuring little Dauphine.

Dauphine is Aquarius.
She is a hugely sensitive little thing, with a deep love of poetry.

Surreal, whimsical and eerie are words that come to
my mind when I see these fairytale like images,
the good news is they are all available in her
Etsy shop!

When Wishes Explode
A digital reproduction photographic image
of an indistinct female figure with wayward braids
successfully making wishes explode.

Tea Set

More Good News! Louise opened a new
Etsy shop called little ghost
where she sells her non-manipulated work.


And more Art&Ghosts goodness:
The Wonder Cabinet
an inspirational blog that I just started
to delve into!

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  1. "ruby" and "tea set" are definately my favourites!