26 July 2008

On The Shelf

In a small corner of my kitchen:

I found these little salt'n'pepper shakers on a thrifting venture,
the beaks are chipped and
I could attempt a patch up job with some yellow gloss...
but the small imperfection is what endeared them
to me.

I steal bubbles from the hands of small children, anything under 5, after that they become too strong and they grip the bottle too tight ... only messing, probably a pound shop buy, can't rightly remember. The simulated flavour Jell-O Lime Jelly ... a classic! A friend gave me this as a souvenir from Canada, and it sits, unopened, on the shelf and it will remain unopened, given the fact that it's probably well past its sell by date and that I hate jelly ... and lime! Also, I couldn't possibly open it and ruin the lovely package. I tried to pin-point the date of the packaging, from my research I reckon is sometimes in the fifties or sixties [there you go, pin-pointed with great accuracy!] ... a lady who might know is Liza Cowan at See Saw, an artist and collector of Jell-O ephemera.

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