15 June 2008

Calling All Crochet Lovers ...

I'm learning how to crochet, I will spare you any photographic evidence of the results so far ... believe me, they are cruelty against yarn! Still, I will persist, and am sure that one of these days I will be able to make something more than what my boyfriend refers to as "mouse berets", especially now that I stumbled upon this amazing site,
a library of antique pattern books, all available for download in pdf form under a creative commons licence.

I love these napkins rings, I'm thinking they could make lovely bracelets!

Gorgeous coat closure from Corticelli, Lessons In Crochet,
Book Nr.1, 1916

There's so many books that I didn't have the chance to look at them all yet... if the ones I browsed are anything to go by, this site is a real treasure trove! So many delicate patterns, not only for crochet, but including many other needle crafts.

How lovingly delicate these gorgeous yokes!

Happy Browsing!
Edit: The site seems to be down at the moment!
Hopefully its only a temporary problem ... it would be
a shame if such a marvellous site
was to go offline!
Fingers crossed it will be back soon!


  1. These are all so gorgeous!

  2. Yes...they are lovely!

    Keep at the crocheting. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon and the finished products are so worth all of the effort! ☺