13 May 2007

Holiday Wardrobe

It took me a while to sort out all the pictures from my short break in Italy, we are slow at embracing the digital age in my house, my boyfriend is still busy scanning all the slides he took during the week! I will invest in a digital camera I swear!!!
We spent most of the week in Iseo, my hometown, were my mum runs a lovely B&B, mostly we strolled around, had lots of lovely food, and generally chilled out!
We managed to spend a day in Venice, it was fantastic going with my boyfriend who'd never been and seeing his reaction to the wonderful architecture and the magic of this city!

Little Dog chilling in Venice ... too cute!!!

This Graffiti on a wall in Venice made me smile!

I wonder if the directions are right!

A glimpse into my wardrobe for the week:

Short sleeved cardigan : Thrifted [can't remember where!]
Purple vest: Thrifted [again, can't remember where!]
Skirt: Sesi, Dublin
Sunglasses: H&M, Dublin
Earrings: Made by my mum

Navy T-shirt: TopShop, Dublin
Polkadot Skirt: Oxfam, Dublin
Sunglasses: H&M, Dublin
Necklaces: Made by me
Blue Bangel: A Wear, Dublin
Pink&Orange Bangle: Pennies, Dublin

Jumper: Bought at the friday market in Iseo.
Vest: Top-Shop, Dublin
Silver Earring: Bought in Dublin, a shop in Stephen's Green [don't know the name!]

All pictures in this post by Beuno, my lovely love.


  1. Lovely, lovely pictures. Darling outfit and cute, lazy dog.

  2. Thank you so much Ambika!

  3. I esp like the bird grafitti and that funny little arrow.

    PS Your eyes are like Bambi's - they are enormous!

  4. And nice way to take ya pics