9 June 2007

An Elephant Kind Of Day ...

Fat Elephant from The Sweetest Pea, Patchwork Elephant from Devon Industry, Red Elephant from Two Little Banshee

A whole lot of Etsy, all elephant based! Prints, bags, clothes, badges and jewellery.

Elephant Pendant from Covetable Curiosities, Elephant Badge from Joanna Goldman

Love the turquoise shade of the little Elephant Pendant from Covetable Curiosities it's from the 30's and made with glass. Isn't the little Elephant on the badge from Joanna Goodman the sweetest thing? I like to put badges on my bags and this one has captured my heart, he's available on postcards and even as a light switch!

Elephant Earrings from Chic People

These asymmetrical earrings are amazing, constructed with vintage findings collected over a 10 year period ... love them! Find them and other beautiful jewellery at Chic People

Elephant Print Patchwork Bag from JCasa, Elephant Print Tunic from ParableInk

Brighten up your day with this colourful and summery patchwork bag! From JCasa, how nice is this beautiful tunic with Elephant print, I particularly love the pocket detail and the fact that it is printed in gold ink, it's from ParableInk.

Elephant Lovers Print from Orange Willow, Elephant Print with Birds from Kate Durkin Tasty Goods

What about an Elephant in your house? It certainly wouldn't fit in mine but maybe I can hang it on my wall ... Cute, if a little disturbing, is this Elephant Lover print by Orange Willow, I love the sketchiness of this "Migration Print" by Kate Durkin, an Elephant on a journey with his birds friends ... sweet!


  1. Those elephants are so cute!

  2. That elephant looks a lot like those made by LookWhatICanDo, another etsy seller who actually lives in the same city as me.

    The tunic is so cute! I'm definitely saving that one to my favorites.