29 March 2007

Walking In Your Shoes...

Some people, I'm sure, feel a bit hickey about buying second hand shoes, but I don't have such qualms, if the shoes are clean and in good conditions, I don't see why not! I have an ever growing collection of shoes that I trhifted, mostly in Dublin.
I confess that I'm sometimes guilty of even buying shoes that don't fit me just because I like them so much! Which totally contradicts the statement I made in my previous post about curbing my trifting habit!

Pink sandals, a gift from my sister [she's the real shoe addict in the family, I am an amateur in comparison!]. Red and Pink, I love the colour combination!

Platform Sandals, found in Oxfam, George's Street, Dublin. Polka Dots Sandals, made in Japan, found in Dublin, Oxfam, George's Street

Grey Platform Sandals. Purple Suede Shoes with chunky heels, both thrifted on Capel Street, Dublin.

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  1. I love the pink shoes of your sister esp. So feminine!