31 August 2009

A (Very) Little Refashion

Wardrobe Refashion-Sonia Luna
I have arrived at the end of my two months pledge on
Wardrobe Refashion.
As I got busy I didn't do as much refashioning as I had

intended, I only managed two ... me bad!
I re-worked a cashmere cardigan I found on the street (!):
I changed the buttons, cut the sleeves and elasticated the waist,

I added ruffles to the shoulder, I couldn't help myself and
had to add some sparkle with some purple sequins

Wardrobe Refashion-Sonia Luna

The second refashion is a skirt, made out of a second hand

kaftan, a very simple one although I still managed a
wobbly waistband!
I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that
I didn't miss shopping as much as I thought I would, all
the same
I won't be signing to the site for a second round
but I will try to make some time for more refashions.


  1. Even if you didn't do exactly what you wanted, its pretty cool that you took the challenge. I like what you restyled

  2. That does not seem like a little refashion to me! The cardigan is beautiful and love that red print.

  3. Thank you girls, you are way too generous!

  4. wow sonia you lucky lucky thing finding a cashmere cardigan!!!!!! now your shopping ban is over drop in some time .you know you're always welcome d

  5. Anonymous3:57 pm

    cool. i like the dress

  6. Loving the red print ! Great post - thanks