20 August 2009

All Apologies

Troyt Coburn-Sonia Luna

I keep doing it, don't I? Despite all my best intention I slacked off blogging again this week, I was quite busy, I can't talk about it yet but hopefully I will have good news around the beginning of September, if all goes well it'll be a big change in my life, I'm not trying to be mysterious here, I'm just afraid to go into specifics in case things don't pan out the way I want them too, I'm afraid to jinx it ... suffice to say it's something I really want and will be heart broken if I don't get it, so please keep your fingers crossed for me despite my vagueness!

Troyt Coburn-Sonia Luna

I dropped in just to post a link to an image I posted a while ago, this week I found out the photographer is Troyt Coburn , turns out I have more than one of his images tucked away in a folder on my desktop. I had to share this because I hate coming across a beautiful image with no link to the source or information about it, I'm always surprised and infuriated when I stumble on those kind of blogs, although I've been guilty of it a few times myself, but I'm trying my best to make amends!
Troyt Coburn-Sonia Luna

Also I want to apologize for the photography overload around here lately, I'm just a biteen* obsessed, I will try and ingest inject a little variety in future!

Edit 21.09.2009
I had a good laugh when I realized my mistake: ingest? Where did I get that from?!
In my defence English is not my first language, obviously, although I doubt I would
fare any better in Italian!

*I heard this word today, an old Irish guy from Mayo used it and I thought it was the sweetest word ... I'm gonna use it all the time ... well, whenever I need to say "little bit" that is!)


  1. Great photos, so I forgive you!

  2. Lovely photos and good luck with what you want!