9 August 2009

Starlight Spotlight!

You know, if this blog was one of those virtual pets you adopt on facebook I would find it covered in muck, looking at me with big sad eyes I neglect it so much! What happened? It was Tuesday and then all of a sudden it's Saturday ... what happened to my week? Do you know? 'Cause I don't! Anyway ... enough of that! Let me just say I feel slightly guilty posting Starlight Spotlight! this week, as I haven't contributed much content of my own, but here it goes all the same, I hope you will forgive my slackness and enjoy my picks!

Tim Walker-Sonia Luna
pic.via Captivatemoi

Great Tim Walker Interview! The only problem I have with it? The
Sketch Book beside him ... I was dying for him to leaf
through it... but it just sat there, taunting me!
(Thank you to DisneyRollergirl
for the link!)

My favourite recurring feature on Daddy Likey: 5 Men's Fashion Impressions, find out what they think about these Skull Purses.
Daddy Likey-Sonia Luna

StyleBubble-Sonia Luna
Adorable Susie Bubble immortalized by illustrator Esra Røise,
I like!

I feel a DIY inspiration coming on! Gorgeous sequinned creation by Barbara Munsel,
take me to the giant sequins factory right now!

Barbara Munsel-Sonia Luna
link via allthemountains (thanking you!).

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love the skull purses and ANYTHING else by Natalia Brilli. She once made a handbag shaped like a dear head complete with antlers!

  2. I adore that quote. & you find the best images.