8 August 2009


Steven Meisel-Sonia Luna

Yes, it is way past Springtime but I had to
bookmark this Steven Meisel editorial for Vogue Italia.
I love this pattern overdose, very much resembling
the interior of my wardrobe,

Steven Meisel-Sonia Luna

and by that I mean
the vast majority of my clothes are printed
or have a pattern of some sort,
not that I keep
models in it, although that would explain
the make-up, in the dark it must have simply gone too far.
What did they use? A make-up gun set to whore?

Steven Meisel-Sonia Luna

The dresses are lovely though!

1 comment:

  1. I love the tattoo art in this editorial! I even copied it once, for inspiration. Whore-ish tattoos, for me, are the ones on the lower back or anything in Chinese characters (unless you're Chinese of course)