21 February 2009

Starlight Spotlight!

(picture by Beuno)

I am a day late with this post, sorry! Yesterday I went to Dollymount Beach,
and by the time I got back I was totally knackered , what with all
the running, throwing and fetching (Ruby has some difficulties with the fetching
thing, she runs after the ball and then just ignores it or hogs it, either way it's
double the job for me!).

Here is this week Google Reader Round Up:

Jewellery with a difference from Miette
I saw this on Dear Ada, a fantastic blog
always showcasing innovative, talented artists.

More originality in jewellery design.
How sublime are these quilted bracelets by Julie Floersch.
Thanks to Bits and Bobbins
for posting this on Thursday.

Cute Overload!
Pikaland is another delightful blog, I would truly
recommend a visit. I share Amy's sentiments about
self imposed projects, I'm somewhat of a
failure at them as well, someone who doesn't seem to
have a problem is Kirsten of Tollipop, this lovely little lady is

part of her 100 Dresses Project.

More goodness from Kingdom of Style,
Queen Michelle pointed us in the direction of Illustrator
Cassandra Rhodin


Happy Sunday!


  1. those illustrations are cute, esp the one with the cute headband!

  2. Oh wow, no kidding regarding the jewelry. Fabric bangles are definitely a fave of mine and the shapes of these are just wonderful.