18 February 2009

All Wrapped Up

I realise that at this time of year many people are thinking about their summer wardrobe, the evenings are getting brighter and it's not as cold or wet and snowy as it was just last week.
This is a fixation of mine, I've been in Ireland for more than 15 year (!) and I still don't have a proper winter wardrobe, every winter I freeze, my shoes are inadequate, my hands turn blue, and I don't even have any excuses, I'm originally from the north of Italy, it gets really freezing there during the winter so I have experienced the cold before ... and you would think that after all these years I would have it sussed ... but no, that's why I'm enviously salivating over these girl's beautiful outfits, they look cosy, warm and super stylish!

How great is this coat?
Very, very great I say!


  1. Those pictures actually make me envious of how warm it looks in those pictures. No snow on the ground! Being able to wear something other then a down-filled parka! And being able to wear something other then flat boots!


  2. it looks like a flower in the bottom part