21 August 2008

Adam Lowe & The Boyfriend Stash

My lovely boyfriend has an ever growing stash of magazines, they are everywhere, under the bed, piled against walls .... nothing to worry about, no top-shelves publications called Jugs Galore or TitsMonthly, I would certainly start worrying if he bought that kind of mag since they don't actually exist and my assets in that department are seriously lacking!
No, his obsession is with Computer Arts Magazine , at first I ignored it as it seemed quite technical, it's packed full of Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials, and although I keep telling myself that I will sit down and attempt one of these I just can seem to find the time or the inclination at the moment! More and more I find myself snatching the magazine from his hands with exclamations like "My God!That's amazing ... Who is it? Let me see ..." and proceed to hog it, and don't you hate when people do that?
In each issue they showcase talented designers and illustrators, some emerging and other
established. I will definitely dip into the older issues to display some of my favourites
on this here little blog!

In the latest issue to appear in the house I was captivated by Adam Lowe fashion illustration, again is the sketchiness of his drawing that attracted me, the messy but delicate colouring.


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