24 August 2008

New Beginnings

One of the bloggers I discovered at the beginning of my blogging adventure, and still one of my favourites, is Ambika of (Into) The Fray ... she's one of the nicest girls in the blog sphere and admittedly one of the only people that ever comments on my blog, plus she once named one of her jewellery pieces after me ... so yes, I have a soft spot for her!

Coral Droplets Necklace $ 18.00

Today when I opened my IGoogle reader I had a little heart attack when I read "The end of The Fray" on the title of Ambika post ... what!?! I exclaimed ... no, certainly not!

Turns out I jumped the gun a little and all was revealed on reading the actual post, Ambika has taken the plunge and moved to her own domain ... right here, yeah for that!

Zekiyah Necklace $ 16.50

Ambika isn't just lovely, she's also extremely talented ... I followed her foray into sewing and jewellery making and I am impressed ... her shop on Etsy features her amazing jewellery

and accessories all at very reasonable prices.
[Hand off the bosphorus earrings, they are mine!]

Bosphorus Earrings $ 12.00

So I want to wish you good luck in your new adventure darling Ambika!

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  1. You are absolutely the sweetest! & those earrings had to be named after you; they were based on your fantastic photo.

    & thank you for being so nice!