6 August 2008

Techno Threads - Part 3

this section of the exhibition is
looking at the lastest advances in fabric technology

Yoshiki Hishinuma
developed a range of 3D knitted garments instead of
taking a flat cloth and cutting and stitching it to make a
3D form, sometimes even the buttons in his
garments are knitted in this way.
Present at the Science Gallery were
garments from his 2005 collection.

Jacob Schlaepfer Combines laser-cutting,
embroidery and embossing to create fabrics that are technically advanced
and have
a futuristic feel and aesthetic.

Rebecca Early is a London based textile designer exploring new dyieng techniques. Using exhaust dyieng and reusing the dye bath several times so each garment becomes paler and unique.

Also included in this section were: Grado Zero Espace, the Aerogel jacket is made from the lightest solid in the world, so light that in its purest form actually floats on air. The good news is that the material is highly insulating which means that althought the textile is extra light it will keep you lovely and warm!

For more informations on all this marvellous textiles
and great technological innovations please
visit the Science Gallery website.

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