22 May 2008

Dreaded Lists!

Inspired by the talented Ambika, who was in turn inspired
by Mighty Girl, I decided to succumb to the dreaded list ...
I'll come clean: I make lists, all sort of lists, dream lists,
shopping lists, diy lists, I'm qualified at list making,
rather excellent, even! I sometimes go to the
trouble of decorating my lists ... my only problem is actually
executing those lists ...because of this I decided to start small,
so here comes 43 Things, publishing the
list makes it more

substantial, now it is
out there for all [or nobody] to read, not just
ignored and tossed in a drawer like
usually happens!

The progress so far:


  1. Oh, singing in public! What a great idea. And the movie one is a great, doable goal, too. This is definitely giving me ideas for my remaining few items.

    I'm so glad you shared yours. These are so fun for me to see.

  2. Yes, singing in public is gonna be the hardest one for me... I suffer from terrible stage fright! But I WILL conquer my fears!