24 May 2008

Remix Round-Up

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I love wardrobe remix ! I said it before and I will time and time again!
Here are just a few of my recent, and not so recent,

I believe in Unicorns Zibebe The New Clothes Horse Lorena Cupcake Middle Age Teacher Boboniaa Kimidoro Kawaii Sea Lorraine Laska Vanilii The Vintage Society Girl Erin Liz Valuska Lieia-ann Jemnifur Fluffludd

Don't forget to visit the photostreams of all this stylish girls and browse the wardrobe-remix pool for more brilliant fashion ... pick your favourites! Also don't forget about the official round up, by wardrobe-remix creator Tricia Royal of the fabtastic bits&bobbins


  1. Thanks for featuring my pic. W_R is such a great group.

  2. Thanks. I'm pleased that you like my photos :)
    I agree with clothes horse, W_R is great!

  3. It was a pleasure girls! I love your style! And yes, W_R rocks, there I said it again!