11 May 2008

94 Drawings In 94 Days ... A Project

I started this little project because, yet again, I bought a little sketch pad ...
I just can't help myself, I love stationary! The problem is that I tend to start
a new pad and two or three pages later it lays abandoned ... so here starts the
"94 drawings in 94 days" project, so named beacause I ripped 2 pages
out of the sketch pad and only 94 remains, simple!
The drawings are just sketches and small ideas, I can't rip any
page out so even the duds have to stay!
I started this project on the 2nd of May
what follows are the first week of drawings:

2nd May 2008
Title Page

03 May 2008
Half A Face

04 May 2008
Sequinned Tree

05 May 2008
Today Was Sunny

06 May 2008
Fashion Drawing

07 May 2008
A Blue Tree

This one was a bit of a cop out really, really shitty
drawing ... but there it goes anyway!

08 May 2008
Golden Locks

09 May 2008
Twig & Newspaper Tree

This drawing is my favourite so far,
I think it is really cute!
I found the twing on my way home
from work.
I will try and post the other drawing as I do them
I'm really enjoying this small project and
will give myself others to do in
the future!

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  1. These are awesome. I love the girl with the golden hair and all of the trees. What a great idea.