17 May 2008

Saturday Strolling

The first day of my holiday ... yuppy!!! Couldn't wait for
it to arrive! I woke up and it was sunny so I took a stroll
into town ...

Old door in a house around the corner
from my home ... love the peeling

Contrasting pillars and beautiful shade of blue on a pub wall

NR. 20

Lovely textures on this door, love the
shade of green

Yes ... we all are, aren't we?
And if you don't think so, trust me, you are!

Yes! Car Boot Sales in Dublin ... keep them coming!
This particular one is in the car park on The Bernard Shaw Pub,
during the summer its held once a month
for more information on the exact date consult
the Bodytonic website,
I bought a lovely frilly pink dress and then went on my way, but I shall be
back for a pint and falafel next time around!
Pictures of my second hand finds will have to wait till tomorrow, when I will post
the second week of Project 94.

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  1. Oh, what lovely photos! Such gorgeous, vibrant colors...