26 August 2007

While sorting out my closet I realised that I have started
another collection without noticing ... I have quite a few
silk scarves! I started wearing them when I was growing my hair a year ago,
I found it was the best way to keep it in place during the awkward middle
stage ... I don't wear them as much now, but I love looking at
the lovely prints!

I got most of them from Maharani, a lovely stall in the
George's Street Arcade in Dublin,
every time I pass by I can't help myself ... I have to buy one ... a little treat at only
2 Euros!

The green one above is one of my favourites, the vivid green
and the bright pink flowers are just great!

The collection doesn't end here ... you can have a look at the
rest at my flickr page.

1 comment:

  1. they're really beautiful, love the second one with the horse