22 August 2007

Fabric Palette

See what happens? I just wanted to upload a picture of my
recent project and I got lost making a palette from the
colours of the fabric, the joy of bighugelabs
palette generator
And the colours are beautiful aren't they?

This is the sample of a bag I'm working on,
I'm still tweaking the pattern,
I think the flap on the front should be wider; one thing for sure, I have to stop
using this fabric for samples, I just love it so much I want to
work with it all the time, but it is running out and I should really
keep it for the final product!
I think I have enough for two or tree more bags this size.

In case you're interested the colours are in the palette are:
#849ecc #4a512c #93ad2b #293e32 #06154c #5f6651
#432f38 #1e2651 #5f7123 #434e35 #42415b
#6e8140 #7b8346 #5d3a27#abc7c5

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