13 April 2007

Blog Land ...

People come and people go, sorry to have to say good-bye to E., who has decided to call it a day over at her blog, I'm sad to see her go as hers was one of the blogs I read regularly and always enjoyed, her sense of humour will be sorely missed! Also closing its doors is Little Birds Handmade, another of my favourite blogs, brimming with inspiration and fantastic pictures, happy that Stephanie will continue with 3191 a gorgeous visual blog in collaboration with Mav
Some people are moving and starting new projects:

[Ephemera And Acrylic On Wood.]

Lisa Cogdon is an amazing artist and her blog Bird In The Hand is a source of inspiration, both in her art and in the wonderful objects she collects!

[Sense, Paper and Acrylic]

Fortunately she's only moving her posting to a new location, starting a blog more focussed on her art [which I adore!]; the old blog will remain on line till June this year, I suggest you go have a look before it's gone!

The Black Apple , Emily [proud owner, I'm sure, of the beautiful shoes pictured above], is starting a new blogging adventure, a fashion blog called Some Girls Wander By Mistake, great name don't you think?
I am curious about this as I admire her own personal style which I think is reflected in her fairy tales like artwork.

[Tea Time Girl]


  1. I was sorry about Little Birds as well. She takes such wonderful photos and is truly artistic with her crafts.

    Also, cool about the album artwork for Ruby Blue. I didn't know who had done it and really love the style.

  2. Happily we can still enjoy Stephanie's pictures at 3191!

  3. your blog is lush & lovely! you mentioned me a while back in "style lovies" and just wanted to let you know i added your link on SwanDiamondRose.com

    thank you!