4 April 2007

So Into You!

I discovered Simon Henwood art on the covers of the ever stylish Roisin Murphy Sequins eps and, later on, the cover of her album Ruby Blue [ which is, by the way, still one of my favourites albums after more than two years of playing it constantly, I never tire of it!], I fell in love with his paintings, this guy is super talented! Not only he paints these wonderful large scale portraits but he's also responsible for Roisin videos for the songs " Sow Into You", and " If We'Re In Love" and a lot more besides! I hope that, if you're not familiar with his work, you will take the opportunity to go and check his web-site and you too will fall in love!

On a different note, I think the top Roisin is wearing in this portrait totally rocks!

1 comment:

  1. she's my favourite singer. one of the best art on album cover on my opinion. besides david bowie thunder paint look.