10 November 2006

Stella Im Hultberg

[Its me not you]

I first discovered Stella Im Hultberg
illustration on the Cut+Paste
website, a true treasure chest of handmade goodies!

[remember me]

Her style of illustration reminds me of Egon Schiele,
her work is messy-beautiful with ink splattered on the page and tea stains ... I adore it and will definetly treat myself to a digital print as a Christmas present this year... I already have a place selected on my wall!

[Egon Schiele - Sitzender weiblicher Akt]

This is a snippet from the about section on her website:
"When she's not drawing or painting, she likes to eat while thinking of more food to eat; search for the perfect cupcake; eat ice cream at the park; and just walk around her most favorite city in the world.", beautiful art, cupcakes, ice cream and New York ... fantastic isn'it?
So make sure you have a look at the rest of her work, you can have a goo at her sketchbook, buy yourself [ or a friend, be generous, spread it around!], some wonderful print and original artwork at a very affordable price!

[can't dissappear]

I want this one!!!

[no difference]

... or this one!


mmmh, maybe this one?

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  1. i like these illustrations. #1, #4, #5, #6 i love. Also the 2nd lind of looks like a distorted young kate moss.