11 November 2006

Look At Me, Looking At You!

Retro Street Style:

How dapper are they? Love the little suit, and the attitude as well!!!

This little ballerina is just too cute ...

Love the white and baby-blue coat, reminds me of ice-cream ... and that's not a bad thing!

I really like that shade of pink, I probably wouldn't wear the jacket and skirt together, a bit too matchy matchy, but as separates they would rock my world!

Grrrh ... I WANT that animal print travel bag ... I WANT IT... So much so I'm planning to build a time machine!!!
Big Hair! Big Hair! Now we know who bears responsibility for the depletion of the ozone layer!

How stylish are these two? Love the sleeves on the black dress!
I really like the grey pleated skirt.

... hot summer day at the beach ...

All pictures from Look At Me. The project was started by Eric Bonn and Zoe Delay in Paris in 1998, 8 years on, this site collecting found photos contains 616 pictures, and you can contribute too!

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