19 February 2010

Starlight Spotlight!

Pedro Lucerna

It's Starlight Spotlight Time!
Let's skim over the fact that I haven't done one of these supposedly
regular posts in a long while, we could spend ages arguing over
who is at fault here, but that will get us nowhere 
so let us just get on with it!
Maria Cristina Bellucci
People's creativity never ceases to amaze me!
Monica Cristina Bellucci' makes jewellery with
colour crayons, every single piece is beautiful, but if I had 
to I would pick the ring above.

Ambika of Into The Fray posted these earrings
by I. Rooni Kappos back in december. 
Another beautiful piece to 
lust over, at $185 dollars unfortunately out
of my price range, but I can still admire them!
Rooni Kappos Earrings
Artist Joe Fig explores the creative process
and the places where art is made
in a series of painstakingly detailed miniature sculptures.
He has also explored the same theme in painting, worth a look
if you visit his website.

Joe Fig-Sonia Luna

In the same vain is the work of  photographer Paul Barbera .
His pictures document artist's work spaces all over the world.
You can see it all here.

Where They Create - Sonia Luna
via The Design Files

Again at The Design Files I discovered Miso, a street artist based
 in Melbourne, she's so good! Here's an interview.

Miso-Sonia Luna

What a great idea! 
What I Wore Today is the brainchild of Gemma from
Pikaland, document the clothes you wear every day not
with a camera but with pencils and paints!

Pedro Lucerna-Sonia Luna
Pedro Lucena
Polish cinema posters from the 40's to the 90's.

Polish Posters-Sonia Luna
(via Modern Craft)

Ah! Ah!

Fashematics-Sonia Luna
(via Pillole Di Moda)

Airstream Hotel-Sonia Luna
 (via Poppytalk)

Would you like to sleep in this room?
It's not a room! It's an airstream trailer, don't ask me why but
that would make my hotel stay a little bit more special.

Ann Wood-Sonia Luna

Make a papier mache boat,  thanks to Ann Wood

Supermarket Sarah - Sonia Luna

I Supermarket Sarah

Rainbow Church by Tokujin Yoshioka
(via Dezeen

Tokujin Yoshi-Sonia Luna

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