10 January 2010

Let It Snow!

Tinahdee-Sonia Luna
Recycled Silver Post Earrings by Tinahdee

The sentiment might not be shared by most of the country right now, but I love snow and you have to admit, everything looks so pretty and magical ...

Co.Kildare-Sonia Luna
New Year's Day - Co. Kildare - Ireland

Can we keep it for a little while longer, please?


  1. yeahhhhh!!!!oh i do love snow too. i closed for 3 days last week to enjoy being home. what a luxury. snow balls, snow men, snow angels, i love the snow

  2. Me too! I wished it stayed a bit longer!

  3. Oh, yes ... and that the government had enough money to buy salt and grit so that people would stop moaning about the snow and we all could just enjoy it!