17 December 2009

Happy Holidays!

Flick'r Christmas-Sonia Luna

1. jingle all the way, 2. the beginning, 3. Pastel Snowflake Cookies, 4. On the way to the North Pole, 5. Winter landscape, white trees, twins, tree in the winter, fairy tale, in a blue sky, frosted trees, frost, frosted landscape for christmas, 6. christmas cookies 109, 7. Winter Wonderland, 8. The Rudolph Audition, 9. Fragile*, 10. Untitled, 11. snowboat, 12. Merry Christmas!, 13. i heart vintage christmas ornaments, 14. christmas is on its way, 15. Wintery Blues, 16. loving the new year already... :), 17. Untitled (365/306), 18. setting the scene, 19. what big eyes you have, 20. I wish..., 21. 12 days of christmas, 22. Winter Wonderland, 23. Vintage Glass Christmas Balls, 24. Bowl of Ornaments, 25. Vintage Christmas--2 of 3, 26. christmas 2008, 27. vintage ornaments, 28. new favorites, 29. Untitled, 30. Victorian Ornaments, 31. Old Ornaments, 32. Untitled, 33. My Bedroom Pink Christmas Ornaments 2007, 34. What's on my Christmas Tree? [DILO 22-12-06], 35. Shabby Sugared Christmas Trees, 36. From Heather

I'm putting this baby to bed until January ... you know yourself,
there's food to eat, shopping to be done, presents to wrap,
trees to decorate, spumante to be drunk, more food to eat ...
  I wish all my readers and passers-by a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

See you in 2010!


  1. hi s, that would be a great idea about the photographs. drop in and we can have a chat . merry christmas d

  2. Happy holidays to you, too! Hope you have a great New Years!

  3. Thanks for the beauty and inspiration, xoxo SW