26 July 2009

Starlight Spotlight!

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Starlight Spotlight day ...
bringing you my favourite reads and links of the week:

I will start with this picture from The Sartorialist,
a fresh, light, summer look spotted in Milan ...

The Sartorialist-Sonia Luna

just to remind me that it is summer somewhere in the
world right now, it should be here too ... all this bucketing
rain would make you think otherwise

Moschino Cheap&Chic-Sonia Luna

I loved the Moschino Cheap&Chic Resort collection,

these are two of my favourite looks,
but I could see myself wearing most of it,
see it for yourself
at Style.com.

Moschino Cheap&Chic-Sonia Luna

Ayala Bar-Sonia Luna

Beautiful jewellery from Ayala Bar,
I discovered this on Frizzifrizzi, a great Italian blog.
I had a problem with the Ayala Bar link, I couldn't visit
the site because it kept asking me to download a flash
player, I did as I was told, but the site still prompted me to download
the player, I hope you have more luck and will be able to enjoy
looking at this wonderful, unique jewellery, made with
textiles, glass, beads and stones.

Valerie Hammond-Sonia Luna
Untitled Dress

Automatism posted about artist Valerie Hammond,
I enjoyed her work very much, I also can't wait
to explore the rest of the artists at the Garson Fine Art
website, I already spotted a few that made my heart flutter,
expect to see them talked about here in the future!

Honorable Mentions:

• Cute blog about unlikely animal friendships
called Let's Be Friends, via FFFFound.

CameraForPets-Sonia Luna

I want one of these collar cameras for my Ruby ...
althought I'm afraid I will get close up pictures of deer poo
and tissue paper which seem to be her favourite things!

GoOutside-Sonia Luna
via Recovering Lazyholic

Happy Sunday Everyone!
what's left of it!


  1. Oh that floral dress, scrunched leggings outfit is adorable. p.s. I added you to my blogroll too. :-)

  2. • Eyeliah: Isn't it wonderful? I love the all collection!
    Thank you for adding me.