2 July 2009


Sonia Luna-Wardrobe Refashion

There, I've done it ... I went and took the pledge on Wardrobe Refashion, you know what this means? It means two whole months without buying any clothes, I will have to make my own, either from scratch or by refashioning old clothes ...
Thing is, I do have a mountain of clothes that I thrifted intending
to cut up and sew so, if anything, I will have some space back at the
end of this experiment!
I'm not a fool, I know myself ... I've only signed up for the minimum
time possible ... I wonder how many people take the pledge for life,
fairplay to them, but I suffer from withdrawal symptoms already
just thinking about the two months ahead of me.
Wish me luck and stay tuned for some DIY
or, worst case scenario, some fashion disasters!


  1. Oh, I can't wait to see what you do with your thrifted finds!

  2. Wow, never heard of this - pretty cool. Good luck, excited to see your looks.

  3. Ehi! Grazie del premio ...! l' ho visto nei giorni scorsi ma fino ad oggi non ho potuto scrivere ...
    ho parlato un po' di te nel mio blog ... spero non ti dispiaccia ...
    un bacio paola

  4. This fills me with dread!

  5. •Ambika :thank you ... I'm a little afraid to take scissors and thread to my stash but it has to be done!

    •Bug : It's a cool project, I wanted to participate for a while, I will post the results here, be sure to come back and check them out!

    •Paola : Meritato mia cara! Io vorrei che tu scrivessi ogni giorno!

    •Sister Wolf : Me too! It'll be a laugh if anything!