22 May 2009

Starlight Spotlight!



This week I'm right and ready for Starlight Spotlight,
starting with some cuteness from
Peepwool, her woolly characters are so sweet, you can't help but smile!
Posted by self confessed plush addict Plush-a-holic.

Feeding the obsession, I can't get enough of paper sculptures,
somehow I just seem to come across them more and more,
this week they came my way thanks to The Clothes Horse,
I particularly liked Helen Musselwhite's paper cut outs.



Shiny Squirrel recurrent post The Little Interview
give us a glimpse into the artistic process, inspiration and lives
of many talented artists, she interviewed artist
Ana Serrano at the beginning of May, her Cartonlandia
is great, you can keep looking at it and discover more
details, I would really love to see the real thing!

From paper houses to abandoned ones,
The Ruins Of Detroit it the latest project by Yves Marchant and Romaine Meffre,
buildings, factories, cinemas are all beautifully
documented in
an obvious state of distress,
our modern ruins.
It is sad though to see all these amazing spaces left to rot ... what a waste!

Ruins Of Detroit

The blog is also worth a look, en français s'il vous plaît.
Via Ffffound

Did you really think there would be no shoes?
Oh, but you're so wrong! Shoes, shoes, shoes and more shoes at Shoelust,
thank you very much to The Glamurai for this one!

Balenciaga Shoe Lust

This should me my new mantra ... inhale, exhale,
repeat after me ...


Happy Week-End Everyone!


  1. So much to love in this. I seriously need to start making things. :)

  2. The Clothes Horse: Same here! All these talented and creative people make me feel positively lazy!
    Thank you for the link to Helen Musselwhite, she's amazing!

  3. I love everything here. I wish I could make stuff. I'm going to check out your links...