11 April 2009

Starlight Spotlight!

Jennifer Mercede
More than a day late, but here I am with
Starlight Spotlight, a sort-of weekly round up of the starred items
in my google reader:
How joyful! Jennifer Mercede canvases are a burst of colour,
I love me one of these for my wall!
A great find by Decor8 ,via Kelly Rae.
SuperbombaPrepare to say goodbye to a few hours of your life
if you click on SuperBomba photo stream on flick'r,
along the same lines of Look At Me,
this is a fascinating collection of found photographs,
everything is here, holiday snapshots, sleeping grandads
and a peculiar amount of people with bears,
both stuffed and alive.
Thank you Krisatomic!

SuperbombaBeautiful outfit post by Littlethoughts:

The next entry isn't from my Google

Reader but I had to post about it anyway!
I love this song from fabulously talented Valerie Francis,
and I love the video too.
Kanye West agrees with me, 'cause we're
like that yo!

Valerie FrancisAlbum artwork by M&E
Valerie Francis
Happy Listening
Happy Easter Sunday!

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