21 January 2009

Montana Forbes

First of all just let me say that I think the name of this
illustrator rocks ... Montana Forbes, doesn't it sound just great?
And great she is ... just look at the illustrations!
You might be familiar with her work, for the past two years she
has been a resident
illustrator for the Sunday Times Style Magazine supplement.
Unfortunately, I will have to add her link to the growing list
of illustrators whose websites tease me with "Coming Soon" signs ...
while we patiently wait for her official site to be up and running
we can look at her portfolio here.


  1. I really don't mean to offend - and I maybe, actually probably have this wrong but...

    Couldn't this be done Adobe Illustrator by tracing over a picture using the pen tool?


  2. I like it!!!
    You know I am in touch with Sarah Beetson because I asked her to make an illustration for me basing on a picture of Francesco ... she agreed but at the moment I really can't afford it ( even if it is not as expensive as I tought ...) .
    Sarah's illustrations are a little bit fetish, aren't they??? So, I was curious to see what she could do with the picture of a little boy ...
    Maybe in future ...

    bacio paola

  3. For Mark: As far as I know she sketches in pencil and ink and then
    transfers to photoshop for colouring and further re-working.

    For Paola: I don't believe it! Good on you, I hope you will be able to afford a Sarah Beetson print soon ... don't forget to let me know when you do, I'm curios to see the results as well!