1 September 2008

Victoria Ball

I so wish that Illustrators would stop teasing me this way ...
while researching for this post I found Victoria Ball
website only to be presented with a "Coming Soon" message,
this is not the first time it happened, I am talking to you
Katharina Leuzinger ... I'm still waiting and hope I won't have
to wait too long!

Fortunately we can all still admire Victoria beautiful illustrations here

Combining hand painted and hand drawn
elements with source patterns and Photoshop
techniques, some of her lifestyle images
have a decoupage feel to them.
She's also a children's book illustrator, images sure
to bring a smile to your face in all their cuteness,
but for this post I'll keep to the shoes ...
'cause a girl can never have enough!

Edit 25.02.2009
Victoria Ball's
website is now up and running!

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