8 September 2008

Remixed Links

A round up of some of my favourite Wardrobe Remixers:

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1- Fashion Fillers
2- Johanni
3- Juju at Softesthing

4- WhiteApple
make sure you pay a visit to her lovely etsy shop
5- Sally Jane Vintage, visit her website for
vintage goodies abundance!

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6- Kicia Vintage
Kicia also has an etsy shop where
she sells vintage goodies.
7- Rock'n'Roll Loves You
8- Strawberry Kitten
9- Cuestaray
visit her Etsy Shop called Lagelle,
where you can find handmade knits and accessories
as well as vintage items.

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10- Blue Suitcase Thrifts
her E-bay Store is right here.
11- Stereoke
visit her blog here
and her etsy shop here.
12- Erin Liz
She's on Etsy too!
13- La Meow
her blog
her lovely E-bay shop.
14- Thrift Candy
15- Rachel

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16- Le Bon Bon Multicolore
her esty shop is called YeYe!Vintage.
17- Nubby Twiglet
talented graphic designer, artist and
buy her goodies
18- RaggaMuffin
click here to visit her shop.
19- Irene Adler

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20- Everybody Is Ugly
21- Emily, La Belle Vie

22- Lily Of The Valley
23- Midwest Jess

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24- Mymacadams
I apologise for not having a
link for this picture!
25- Bellagaia
26- Vintage Vienna
have a look at her art work here.
27- Stellardolly

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28- Teensleuth
read her blog here.
29- Nikkole
30- Ornithes

32- Crl!

Visit the Wardrobe Remix pool on flick'r
for more style inspiration!


  1. wonderful pics! thanks for the link!

  2. thanks so much for the mention and the link. love the way you put it all together!

  3. These are definitely some amazing remixers. I see most of my faves here! I love how you collaged them together, too.

  4. This is great Sonia! I've been looking for new personal style blogs to follow, and you've really helped me out with this fab list!

  5. Thank you so much! I'm still just faffing about with photoshop but it is great fun!
    Zee, enjoy the reading!