8 August 2007

Goodies Galore

Good thrifting day today!
Well deserved, me thinks, since I was at the dentist after a
week-end of pain and puffiness, I resembled the Elephant Woman [and still do,
at the moment!] ... can u get stretch marks on your face? I wonder ...

So here's the goodies!

For my crafts:
Lovely piece of material ... totally synthetic but couldn't resist the bright
colours and the print ...

For the brain:
The Life of Pi I love this book, I already have a copy of it in Italian and
I'm looking forward to reading it in English!

For The House:
Beautiful little plate, just love the colour!

and the cute cats book-ends pictured at the start
of this post.

For my closet:

Green Stripy Vest

Lovely scarf ... the purple won me over!

Bright Red Belt ... love it!

And, finally, the star find ... orange suede shoes ...
brand new, for just 10 euro!


  1. I have a small vase that matches your plate!! The same colours and design. I got it in a charity shop in Rathmines a couple of years ago! Maybe they're long lost siblings.

  2. I love the little plate! They had 2 other in yellow, but it would have ment prising them from a lovely granny's hand to get them so I only got the turquoise one!

  3. The thrift gods really were shining on you today! What finds--the shoes, the scarf, the plate--all of it's just lovely.