12 July 2007

The Start Of A Collection?

Without even realising it I guess I started collecting vintage pattern books, most of
them I found in the fantastic Oxfam Bookshop in Parliament Street, Dublin
I love them not only for the inspiration they give me, but also for the fonts:

Well ... I'm not sure I could knit that blanket without looking
my knitting is still wobbly and I'm not practicing as much
as I should ... me bad!

I love the design of the crocheted blanket, I think it would
look lovely on a dress or a bag ... what do you think?

The Complete Book Of Handicrafts is my favourite, full of fun
stuff to do ... knitting, crochet, toy making

Beautiful Tulip Motif Embroidery!

At the back of the book there are these wonderfully colourful

More gorgeous embroidery!

I don't really have any intention of making children clothes, but couldn't
resist the colourful cover, the illustration is so cute!

Yes, Pockets are important ... not only for children!

This book was first published in 1964, it is really comprehensive, covering
everything from dressmaking, tailoring, mending to soft
The Illustrations are lovely!

"Personal Analysis
Like the beauty of a work of art, which is dependent
upon an artist's ability to create pleasing line composition
and use colour attractively, fashion perfection is
also achieved by correct application
of line and colour.
However, in the case of a fashion design,
you are the canvas.
And you are a great deal more complex
than a flat cloth surface.
So the first step in creating the appearance
you want is to analyse yourself
and decide exactly how you want to look.
Because it is difficult to see oneself as one really is,
don't rely on a mirror.
A snapshot or two (one full-face, the other side view),
preferably in a bathing suit, will give you a better answer.
Flaws never seem quite so realistic in a mirror as they
do in a picture.
And don't be disheartened. Once you know
what's wrong, there's a great deal you can do to correct it."
Makes sense ... but it's a bit scary!!!


  1. Hi Sonia, just came across your lovely blog. That Handicrafts book looks so cool! I never think to look for crafts books when I'm in second-hand book shops, but I think I'll have to hit up Oxfam Books myself and see how I get on.

  2. Gosh my Mum had the Complete Book of Handicrafts. She made me the spotty dog when I was little! Can't remember what I called him though...
    Mrs F x

  3. These are amazing. How fortunate to have these at your fingertips! I can't remember the last time I looked in the book section of my charity shops but I think I'll start.