15 March 2007

You Have Me In Stitches ...

I have to confess, I almost didn't want to add another post after the Uccelli Design one because I like that turquoise necklace so much! But the Sunset is very good isn't it, one mustn't get too precious!
Stitch and Silver was one of my favorites at the RDS Craft Fair, their jewellery is colorful and playful, they are inspired by childhood memorabilia and found objects.
Look how fun and colorful their encased range is!!!
They are made from sterling silver, fabric, beads, buttons, glitter and resin. They are available in a large number of colours combinations and can be specifically designed to match the colour of your outfit if you so wish. Every piece is hand made and no two are alike. They are available on torcs [hard chokers] or on a chain ... I would definitely go for the chain ... I think they are fantastic!

Prices for this range start at £ 54.
I also love their impression range, inspired by Indian designs, the pendants start at £ 22, also available are earrings starting at £ 22, multi link bracelets starting at £ 17 and bangles starting at £ 90.

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