14 March 2007

Dulra Photography

[Dulwich Sunset]

Well, I have been a bad girl, a bad blogging girl ... I think the winter finally got me, as it always does around here ... force gale winds and heavy rains ... but last monday on my way into work I saw a tree with flowers on it, which means that springtime is in the air ... and on my blog! Like the new banner? I love it!
I have more talented people to talk about from the RDS Craft Fair and maybe I should just get on with it ... the fair was more than 2 months ago after all and here's me, the slowest of all snails!
So here is some amazing stuff:

[Leaf Veins]

Daragh Muldowney interest in photography was sparked by a Scuba Diving course he completed in 1992, wanting to capture this experience and the feeling of flying on a new planet he bought a Canon AE-1 program camera, which he still uses today, and began to learn photography. His love for nature was broadened by overseas travels and he began to focus entirely on nature.

Dulra Photography was launched in February 2003, concentrating on the small details he hopes his images will help people connect with Nature and appreciate and respect our beautiful planet.
He likes to exhibit his images on a large scale as this maximises the impact, personally I would love a large format print of this gorgeous picture of water:

[Carrickfinn light]

at Euro 485 its out of my reach at the moment but I think its absolutely gorgeous!
All his pictures are limited editions, printed on photographic paper and hand signed, they are also available in large format; You can see some large format images at the Dundrum Town Centre in Dublin, in London ten pieces can be seen at Underwood Kitchens, Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge.

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  1. Oh, I want a large format of the leaf veins. ~sigh. LOVE that. Where is that 484 euros when I need it?