4 October 2006

The Lovelies ....

Inspired by an old post by SusieBubble I decided to put together all the bits and pieces that are part of my wardrobe and I absolutely adore, most of them are thrifty finds, I love rummaging around second hand shops to find that special piece...

[1] Mother of pearl bangles [2] Big Sunglasses (sadly I broke them) [3] Egyptian Earrings [4] Blue and Green Bracelets
[5] Red and Black Clutches [6] Colorful Summer Skirt [7] Pink Slingbacks [8] Beaded Necklaces, these are great worn all together, I made them! [9] Chunky Necklaces, these are made by my mother [10]Sequined Shoes, the most confy high
heels in my possession.

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  1. Ooo, love the skirt. Aren't thrift stores the best?

  2. Thank u!!! I love that skirt to bits!!! Thrift stores are definetly the best ... you need patience but it pays!!!