13 November 2010

Starlight Spotlight!

Sonia Luna♥Starlight Spotlight
I've been trying to get back to some sort of regular schedule on this blog which I left gathering dust for way too long. Let's see how I fare in the next few weeks, in the meantime let's get on with my list of favourite links and tidbits from my Google reader, starting with Mischief and Madness who posted these beautiful vintage
Life magazine covers.

Sonia Luna♥Life Vintage Covers

Are you a fan of Sister Wolf ? I think she is amazing and I'm always looking forward to her posts, I admire her honesty, sense of humour and strength. Her posts always leave me with something to think about. If you are not a reader yet I suggest you pay her a visit.
Thanks to her I discovered the fabulous work of Ray Caesar.
Sonia Luna♥Ray Caesar
If you are into photography, you will enjoy Le Clown Lyrique, I rediscovered some photographers I admire and came across some talented ones I didn't know about. I always  loved this picture by Diane Arbus, I used to have a poster of it in my bedroom!

Sonia Luna♥Diane Arbus

I'm a fan of Keith Haring, how fun and wonderful are these chairs?
Sonia Luna♥Keith Haring Chair
Sonia Luna♥Keith Haring

Sonia Luna♥Happy Week End

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