24 August 2010

In Bloom

Sonia Luna♥Ron van Dongen
Gypsophyla ‘Bambino’ 

A while ago I posted a link to photographer Ron van Dongen site, I  had used some images from his limited edition book Vulgaris as a background to a necklace I made, his breathtaking photography is certainly deserving of a dedicated post so here it is now, better late than never I suppose!

Sonia Luna♥Ron van Dongen
Gladiolus x hortulanus

I love that he grows all the flowers he photographs in the garden of his Portland home. I came across this interview as I was researching, in it he talks about his childhood in Venezuela and Holland, his move from black and white photography to colour, his technique and the things that make him happy.

Sonia Luna♥Ron van Dongen
Actaea simplex ‘Black Negligee


  1. Ooh...love these! I am such a sucker for pictures of flowers anyway, but his are sublime.