20 August 2010

Starlight Spotlight!

Sonia Luna♥Starlight Spotlight!

Sonia Luna♥

Artists Haas & Hahn started this project in collaboration with the community of Santa Marta, in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. The result  of months of hard work is an explosion of colour covering 7000 square meters. Their dream is to raise enough funds to continue the project and paint the entire hillside favela.
( via: Oh Joy)

Sonia Luna♥Deanna Staffo

Loved this post by Krisatomic titled Get Your Sketch On, particularly I loved Deanna Staffo's sketchbook, she also has a lovely blog called Mischief + Madness , well worth a look.

Sonia Luna♥Margaret Howell

I'm usually drawn to patterns and colours when looking at clothes, there's no such thing as over the top as far as I'm concerned, it's surprising to me then to find myself attracted by Margaret Howell's understated collection, but I am ... so there!
(Originally posted by : Bonjour Girl)

Sonia Luna♥Kristin Vestgard
Oil on canvas

 Atmospheric and poetic, Kristin Vestgard's paintings create a whole new world, a world of special beauty and charm.
(Via Liza Corbett)

Sonia Luna♥That Is Priceless
Jean Fouquet, French
Holy Wardrobe Malfunction, 1452
Oil on wood

That Is Priceless a blog re-titling famous art works, good for a giggle or two!

Sonia Luna♥Nuggets

Ace Jet 170 found type friday nr.84, Italian edition.

Locals and Tourists project by Eric Fischer on Flick'r.

● Beautiful images at Braindance Is A Way Of Life blog.

Sonia Luna♥Nan Lawson

Sonia Luna♥Happy Weekend

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  1. I like this margaret HOwell as well. Does it mean we're tired of looking at crazy shit we'd never actually wear without feeling elf-conscious?