28 May 2010

Starlight Spotlight!

Sonia Luna♥Starlight Spotlight!
Sonia Luna♥Dollhouses
 Beautiful modern doll houses for grown-ups via
Yes and Yes.
More doll houses here and here.

Sonia Luna♥Michael Quinn

As much as I admire sparse, minimalist interiors I know that an ultra modern house would never suit me, I'm too much of a hoarder to maintain a pristine interior. Much more up my street is Michael Quinn's lived in apartment, full of memories.
Take the house tour at Design Sponge.

Sonia Luna♥Paul Octavious

 I have photographed my hill in The Phoenix Park I don't know how many times,
Paul Octavious turned his hill into the photographic project Same Hill Different Day.
Found on Oh Joy!

Sonia Luna♥Bottle Houses

Re-think! Re-Use! Re-cycle!
Bottle houses

Sonia Luna♥The Noticing Project
Click on image to enlarge
" An attempt to plant a seed in peoples’ minds, that might grow with the other thoughts throughout the day."
Street art project in London.

Sonia Luna♥Twelve Doors Project

Street Art In Dublin!
Yes, give us more!

Talk good, like, you know ... whatever!

Sonia Luna♥Starlight Spotlight Nuggets
  • Just what I was looking for:  TinEye reverse image search!
  • How nice! Ceramic artist studio in Brescia, only half hour away from my home town in Italy.What do you think, should I pay a visit next time I'm there? (via Automatism)

    Sonia Luna♥Beverly Ealdama
    Sonia Luna♥Starlight Spotlight!


    1. hi sonia i love this post the first picture i could just live there and thanks for the link to the frount door thingy. i've being wondering about this. drop in some time maybe we'll set up the alternative rose competition!! elaine is a brat so many people are saying 'oh your a rose' i feel like i'm letting them down that i'm not. maybe i'll pretend too.

    2. Yes, Dee she is a brat! I fell for it, I was surprise, but then this is you so anything is possible! Promise I will visit soon!