2 March 2010

Time To Grate!

In this blog I champion inspiring, creative and talented artists,
Etsy has been a great place to dip into again and again
in search of beautifully crafted handmade items.
Who knew darker things where lurking on Etsy, from
mice and owl felted hats to shamanic distance space cleansing ceremony
it seems you can find it all here!
Cataloguing all these jewels of misguided craftiness is a site called
Regretsy, I've spent the week-end browsing it and
I'm truly astounded at the amount of chancers out there,
like at the site of a car crash I can't tear myself away!

(I probably should tell you that this site might not be safe for work, and
also not safe if you're easily offended!)

My personal favourites! Rusty cheese grater, all yours for the paltry sum of $28,
 if you're ever peckish you might be able to rustle up a swiss fondue, as the seller toughfully hasn't scraped all the old cheese off.
The cigarette adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the proceeding, don't you think?

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