26 March 2010

Bygone Ireland

Abandoned Ireland-Sonia Luna
Marino House - Co.Cork
Ireland has its share of abandoned buildings.
Castles, stately homes, cottages and churches are
dotted all over the country side,
some are but ruins long enveloped by nature, others
 are still hanging on, ivy sneaking inside open windows, 
moss painting everything in shades of green,
but still here and there you can see some glimpses of the life 
that once existed in these places, layers of peeling wall paper, 
a playing card on the floor, suitcases and shoes.

Abandoned Ireland-Sonia Luna
Affane Church - Co.Waterford

Let Tarquin Blake take you on a tour of Abandoned Ireland
let him tell you stories of bloody battles, pacts with the
devil, mysterious happenings and, of course, 
haunted houses and ghosts. 
Abandoned Ireland-Sonia Luna
Glencree House - Co.Cork
 Just remember:
tread gently and leave everything just as you find it!

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