23 November 2009

Erin Petson

Erin Petson-Sonia Luna

You can hold the search party! I'm back. Did you miss me, even just
a little? I wish I could share with you juicy details of exotic
adventures that kept me away from my blog but no,
nothing that exciting! I did however aquired a black
eye in a head-on collision with my dog. Yes, I know, don't laugh! I headbutted
the dog by mistake and ended up with a bloody nose and a black eye,
you know what's really funny though (or sad, depending on your point of view!), it wasn't the
first time I got a black eye after headbutting a dog, no it isn't my hobby or anything,
I don't walk around looking for dogs to headbutt or otherwise abuse
that's just sick, I'm appalled you would even think that,
it only happened once before with a friend's dog ... the dog was fine ... me not so much!
Ok laugh, you're allowed!

And, when you are sufficiently recovered, tell me:
 how wonderful are these Illustration by Erin Petson?
Erin Petson-Sonia Luna
Mucho wonderful for sure!
You know what's even more wonderful? Limited edition prints, tote bags and
lovely screen printed vests and t-shirts with antique lace details,
are all available on her website at very reasonable prices.
Erin Petson-Sonia Luna


  1. i'm glad you are back i was thinking about you last week i was going too send you a note today and hey presto you're back! i love the pictures you have posted. sorry about the fog and the eye. i seen a good film lately called mary and max , talk soon d

  2. Thank you! The eye is fine, my fault really I'm awfully accident prone!